Investment Philosophy

We Believe In...

  • Providing you with the best risk-adjusted and tax-efficient rate of return to help achieve the goals of your financial plan
  • Time in the market, and being diversified, are more important than trying to time the market
  • Actively managed investing, passive (index, ETF) investing, and combinations of the two – each has their place, and we help you select your best option
  • Rebalancing portfolios and utilizing opportunities to buy low and sell high through that process
  • Not allowing short-term news to alter our investment plan and looking beyond to the longer- term strategy
  • The expertise of our team including CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) advisors, who are credentialed and educated on asset management

As part of our diversification strategy, we look for unique opportunities that we believe will outperform their benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis over time. In addition to our primary platform of investments we have the ability and experience, to develop portfolios that are focused on certain styles of investing including: E.S.G. (Environmental, Social and Governance), growth oriented, and tax managed.

How confident are you in your current investment strategy?