The Pets of Mosaic

Our team is made up of financial experts and furry friends. Get to know the paw-tners behind the Mosaic Financial Partners team. If you're lucky, you may even see them featured during one of our meetings!

February 2023 Paw-tner of the Month
Pet photo

Bella is an English lab owned by Cindy & Erick Kilham. She is the most super sweet, gentle, and patient companion. Bella is Cindy’s little shadow. Lucky for her, she gets to take her to work every day at her dog care business!

We want to feature your pet next! Take a moment to share some information about your furry friend with us and keep an eye out for their feature on social media!


Pet photo
Raji and Penny

Proud pets of: Megan Lewis
Breed: Boxers
Fun Fact: Raji only cares about cuddling and food, Penny is a sassy goofball who also loves cuddling. They are best fur friends and full of personality.

Pet photo

Proud pet of: Luke Sinclair
Breed: Terrier Mix
Fun Fact: Edgar’s hobbies include sleeping and running at the dog park, his favorite food is steak, and he has a question mark on the back of his head.

Pet photo
Chewy and Lucky

Proud pets of: Darrin Englebert
Breed: Golden Doodles
Fun Facts: Chewy is named after the mighty wookie Chewbacca but he is anything but mighty. His smaller sister Lucky usually beats him up easily. She can be quite annoying but a snuggle bug at nighttime.

Pet photo

Proud pet of: Zach Corso
Breed: Golden Doodle
Fun Fact: Oakley has a ton of energy and enjoys going on runs and playing fetch.

Pet photo

Proud pet of: Bonnie Jegl
Fun Fact: Our senior cat had recently passed away and we were only “watching Daisy over the 4th of July weekend” while our friends were out of town. She hasn’t left our house since.

Pet photo

Proud pet of: Bonnie Jegl
Fun Fact: A stray cat from the neighborhood wandered into our garage and gave birth to a litter of five kittens. We kept Frodo and found the others homes.

Pet photo

Proud pet of: Bonnie Jegl
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Fun Fact: Paisley loves everybody, especially children and likes to snuggle in blankets.

Pet photo

Proud pet of: Andy Bird
Breed: Part Terrier / Part Ewok
Fun Fact: Brody loves the snow! And when he’s in his favorite sleeping position (belly up, paws in the air) you can see a white heart on his chest.